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  Upcoming Events
Nov 12 Annual thanksgiving dinner + honoring of veterans. No evening service
Nov 21 Tuesday midweek service
Dec 17 Christmas program
Dec 24 Christmas eve service. No PM service
Dec 31 New Years eve fellowship after PM service



 Announcements (Oct 15, 2017):


Pastor has been released from Manor Care Rehab care to his home where he will continue his recovery. Continue to pray for him and his family especially his wife who has broken her shoulder blade. 

Continuing Reminders:

Continue to review the constitution and we will be voting once pastor returns.

We are still collecting hats, gloves, and socks for Isom Elementary. There is a container in the lobby to donate.

We would like to thank all of those who came out to help with Community Day 2017 yesderday. We had a great turnout and God gave us a beautiful day. Everyone had a great time and we were able to interact with a good number of people from the community. Continue to pray that these efforts will bring people in to hear God's word and plan of salvation. God is going to bless our efforts.

Wednesday night after evening service we need help writing thank you letters as a follow-up from the community day to those guests who attended. It should not take very long to get this accomplished.

Pastor has been moved to Manor Care South rehab center. He is now feeling up for visitors but you will wan to call before going to make sure it is a good time as he is in and out of the room doing rehab. If you would like to send a card or words of encouragement the address is:

Manor Care Health Services
8549 S. Madison Ave.
Indianapolis, IN  46627

The drive way is now completed with lines painted as well. We will be continuing to pay down the remainder of the debt with monthly installments as well as any additional payments through our membership for the final $3000. Thank you for your faithfullness in what has already been accomplished in this area.

We will be having a monthly Womans Craft and Fellowship night which we intend to hold on a friday evening. Bring your crafts, a snack and a drink. If you do not do crafts please come for fellowship. We have not yet set the September date. If you have any questions see Donna Lappin.

Beginning the first sunday in August we will begin our fall benevolance program. We will be collecting hats, gloves, and socks for school age children. It has been determined that Isom Elementary is the closest Greenwood school to the church and has a number of needy families. Later in the fall we will work with the school to set up tables where families can come pick-up the items.

If you have old empty computer printer cartridges you would like to recycle please bring them to the church and give them to LeeAnn Matthews. The church can turn them in to Staples to get credit for supplies for the church. 

A reminder that the start time for sunday evening service will remain at 5pm for the spring and summer.

Purchases can be made several ways for the NT commentaries introduced to us by Bro. Jeff Lewallen from Hyde Park Baptist Church in West Monroe, Louisiana. You can order directly from their website at, or talk with Pastor about placing an order, or talk with Chris Hall who has mail-in order forms.

Please talk with Bro. Marty Coffey or one of the other trustees about projects around the church related to the both the new addition and other tasks.

We are still looking for singers to perform. Please contact Bro. Steve Woodall if you are able to offer a special.

The adult sunday school class has planned monthly visitation in the local neighborhoods. Everyone is welcome to come so if you'd like to join them speak to Bro. Don Fields to inquire about times and details.

The Wal-Mart partnership has ended as the Greenwood Police have decided to discontinue the program. However we will be getting occasional donations from Dollara General. Once we determine the levels of donations we may ask for volunteers to sort and distribute the donations.

The bus ministry continues to look for additional workers to help with driving the vans and bus route visitation. If you are able to assist please see Bro. Steve Matthews.

There remain opportunities for service in needed areas of the church. Pray for God to send someone to:
A. Minister to young adults
B. Work in a sports oriented program for young people
C. Additional teachers and workers
D. For God to provide laborers for bible clubs
See pastor if you have burdens or ideas.

There is a sign up sheet in the lobby to help clean the church. If you are able to volunteer please sign up.

We have some who are in recovery from illness and hospitalizations. A phone call or card is particularly encouraging at times like these.

We continue to welcome new guests to our services. Should anyone have any questions about FBC let pastor know you would like time to chat or call him at 317-250-2430.

Please pray for Pastor's Wife Laura as she continues to battle her health problems.

For those who would like to help with pastors health expenses please use one of the offering envelopes and mark it specifically for that purpose.

Mission Update for St. Jacob and Missionary Pastor Josh Hargis