News & Events  

  Upcoming Events
Jan 20 Visitation 1pm
Jan 28 Annual business meeting during evening service
Feb 24 Womens Luncheon at the Rustic Roots tea room - 11am
Mar 2-4 Revival weekend and 14th anniversary of FBC
Apr 1 Easter program
Apr 8 Dumplin Valley Trio
May 13 Mothers day, No PM service
May 27 Memorial day church picnic following AM worship
June 17 Fathers day, No PM service


 Announcements (Jan 14, 2018):


The Men's breakfast was cancelled yesterday due to the weather. It will be rescheduled.

On Feb 24th at 11am we will be having a women's luncheon at the Rustic Roots tea room in Beech Groove. There is a sign up sheet in the hallway. We need to get a head count to the tea room as soon as possible. If you have financial concerns please see LeeAnn Matthews.

Continue to pray for Pastor as he deals with a respitory infection.

Continuing Reminders:

A reminder about visitation saturday Jan 20th at 1pm. Please contact Don Fields for more information.

We are beginning to collect for 2018 Operation Christmas Child boxes. Each month we will be asking for a particular kind of donation to allow for better and easier end of year activities related to this project. This month we are collecting Toothbrushes. We need 30 toothbrushes and a box will be placed in the lobby for drop-off. Contact Stacy Hall for any questions.

Sunday Jan 14th Bro. Josh Hargis will be here to share about the mission work at Central Baptist Church in St. Jacob, IL. Josh will preach sunday morning and during evening service he will offer a Q&A session and plans for next year.

As we enter 2018 we look forward to seeing souls saved and church growth. As we plan for various activities for the church during the coming year everyone is encouraged to participate in helping the church reach out into the community and help the church grow.

Saturday, Jan 13th at 9am will be a men's breakfast at the church. Bro. Josh Hargis will be here as a guest speaker. Please invite your friends and family and neighbors.

Pastor is continuing to be under doctor and specialist care. We will continue to use Bro. Mauldin and the men of the church to bring sunday evenings and wednesday evenings as well as sunday mornings as necessary as pastor continues his treatment. Continue to remember him and laura in your prayers.

If you have any questions regarding helping with church cleaning for 2018 please contact Marty Coffey.

We are in the process of updating the church directory. There is a copy to markup and update in the lobby. Please verify your information is correct and up to date. If you are not listed and wish to be (all are welcome) please add your information in the blank pages. Please initial your name if the information is correct already. Continue to review the constitution and we will be voting once pastor returns.

New security protocols have been implemented at the church during normal service times. Doors will be locked and monitors will be positioned during service. For further details please address questions to Pastor, the Deacons, or a Trustee.

To clarify the responsibilities of the Deacons and Trustees, the Deacons are responsible for taking care of benevolence needs at the church. If you have questions about benevolence please see one of the Deacons. For building maintenance matters please see one of the Trustees.

We will be having a monthly Womans Craft and Fellowship night which we intend to hold on a friday evening. Bring your crafts, a snack and a drink. If you do not do crafts please come for fellowship. We have not yet set the September date. If you have any questions see Donna Lappin.

If you have old empty computer printer cartridges you would like to recycle please bring them to the church and give them to LeeAnn Matthews. The church can turn them in to Staples to get credit for supplies for the church. 

A reminder that the start time for sunday evening service will remain at 5pm.

Purchases can be made several ways for the NT commentaries introduced to us by Bro. Jeff Lewallen from Hyde Park Baptist Church in West Monroe, Louisiana. You can order directly from their website at, or talk with Pastor about placing an order, or talk with Chris Hall who has mail-in order forms.

We are still looking for singers to perform. Please contact Bro. Steve Woodall if you are able to offer a special.

The adult sunday school class has planned monthly visitation in the local neighborhoods. Everyone is welcome to come so if you'd like to join them speak to Bro. Don Fields to inquire about times and details.

There remain opportunities for service in needed areas of the church. Pray for God to send someone to:
A. Minister to young adults
B. Work in a sports oriented program for young people
C. Additional teachers and workers
D. For God to provide laborers for bible clubs
See pastor if you have burdens or ideas.

There is a sign up sheet in the lobby to help clean the church. If you are able to volunteer please sign up.

We have some who are in recovery from illness and hospitalizations. A phone call or card is particularly encouraging at times like these.

We continue to welcome new guests to our services. Should anyone have any questions about FBC let pastor know you would like time to chat or call him at 317-250-2430.

Please pray for Pastor's Wife Laura as she continues to battle her health problems.

For those who would like to help with pastors health expenses please use one of the offering envelopes and mark it specifically for that purpose.

Mission Update for St. Jacob and Missionary Pastor Josh Hargis